Wednesday June 1, 2011
Hartsville News Journal
Page 2C
"Now is the time to pray"

Our government has reached the point of excluding God when setting a course for our country and this draws attention to a need that accompanies this wrong and that need is:  Talking to and including God in decisions that we and our Country are required to make.  Talking is praying and now is the time to pray

The results that we are receiving from the decisions of our leaders that exclude God when they make them are not good and likewise, excluding Him in the decisions that we make for us and our family are producing the same results.  We have a problem that requires attention and prayer.

Praying and talking to God about our shortcomings and weaknesses and those of our country are illustrations of strength while doing nothing continues us on a path of weakness.

Luke 11:1 KJV shows Christ’s disciples wanting to include God through prayer when they remind us that John the Baptist included God when teaching his followers to pray.  The disciples wanted to receive that same benefit of closeness for themselves:

And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.

God always hears our prayers and His Arms are open to us twenty-four hours a day.  He desires for us to include Him when we face problems and have decisions to make.  Including Him cuts our problems down to size and unites us with a force that wrongful decisions cannot penetrate.

This special closeness begins by us reaching out to God through prayer and we begin: 

Our Father in Heaven...We feel your presence and we thank you for being there for us.  We are taking this opportunity to share our concerns with you, concerns about our elected officials in Washington, concerns about them excluding you when making decisions for us.

Your absence is noticeable as we are overburdened by irresponsible and costly spending that goes on in Washington; debt without a plan or the ability to repay is strangling us and our children and grandchildren as well.

But including you provides an opening for us to solve this problem!  Next year we voters plan to stop this nonsense by rejecting wasteful spending Republicans, Democrats, and Independents and any politician that fails to show you respect.

Our founding fathers included you when drafting the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and following their lead, we too will include you




when voting in the upcoming election.

Your availability and desire to help us is reassuring and we apologize for becoming lazy and neglecting you.   We recommit ourselves to you and we thank you for showing us the way back.  Amen

Returning to scripture, Ephes. 6:11 KJV tells us that in addition to it being time to pray, putting on God’s Armour is also a necessity, battling Satan’s influence in Washington requires this Armour:

    Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

It is the wiles of the devil that has separated you, me, and our Nation from God.

Is prayer included in the arsenal of tools that you are using to give God a reason to return to us, our family and our Nation?




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