Wednesday July 21, 2010
Hartsville News Journal
Page 2C
"A Vote to revive Christianity"

A movement to remove God from American Government is taking place in America and our great nation must not allow these atheists and their supporters to succeed.  Their goal is to totally remove God from all aspects of government and your presence in the voting booth this fall is required to stop them.

It is now clear that God requires your vote in the upcoming election and not voting shows a lack of respect for Him. He has a right to and probably will be asking those thinking of staying home on Election Day: “Are you ashamed of me?”

Scripture tests us and passing that test requires understanding that Christ has feeling too. In Luke 9:26 KJV, He gives reason for us not to be ashamed when He says:

If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before my Father.

Not being ashamed positions us to spread the word to others in our great country, to tell them about the importance of their vote and the power it gives America to stand against atheists.

Yes, we support and love God and our Country and we must never forget that our great nation was founded upon Him. Being the source of our existence, God gives us strength to function. Without Him we can do nothing but with Him Phil 4:13 KJV teaches:

  I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

Loving God requires not being ashamed and at the same time, recognizing the wonderful and marvelous things that He does for us…and our Country.

A Vote to Revive Christianity requires contributing to Christ obtaining votes on Election Day as you ask yourself:

How much am I contributing?


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