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"Another look at Cain's bloodline"
May, 2013
God places Cain with an indentifying mark, a mark that distinguishes him and his prodigy, a mark showing that the soil of this earth will not yield its fruit to them.

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Bible Strategies
Communicating with God
End Times Events
Enemies of God
God's Love
Metaphors and Parables
Repentance and Salvation
Understanding God
Your Bible Says

God, Politics, and the Economy

Bible Strategies

Seeing the light of Christ
God's power is your power
Believers defined
Are you following Christ
What is unshakable faith
God's food laws: Food for thought
Prophesies make believers
Do we stop, look, and listen?
Christ removes emptiness
What has happened to quality time?
Getting on track
Using Gods gift
Who are you
Faith removes mountains
Finding the truth
Driving yourself into God
Discipline delivers
Flesh serving you

Communicating with God

God talks to us through written word
Still one more gift to get
Connecting with God
Praying to God is the most wonderful conversation
The dead can live again
Committed to God
Strengthening your relationship
Making it happen
Which prayers get answered?
Wining and Dining Christ
Prayer is Conversation
Receiving God
Thanking Him for His presence
Getting to know Him better
Learning more about ourselves
Talking to Him works
Following scripture is required for hearing God
Christ wants to be received
Receiving God's word
Google fishing
Is God speaking to you?
Being called by God

End Times Events

The First Resurrection
The Second Tribulation
Satan's Tribulation
Understanding Mark 13
Recognizing the end
Revelation's four days
Gathering together unto Him
Preparing for His return
Christ is coming
Revelation is to be absorbed
Prophecy written to you
The Lords Day
Instead of Christ comes first
The woe trumps of Revelation
Fly-A-Way continued
The Unforgivable Sin
The predicament we are in
Good and Bad
The sign of the times
Sentenced to Hell
Revelation Chapter 20
Revelation Chapter 20 con't
The Bogeyman will get you
Heaven and Hell

Enemies of God

God's armour handles Satan
Are the 10 Commandments under attack?
The Son of Perdition
Utilizing God
A closer look at sin
Understanding Satan
Utilizing God's power
Turning sin loose
Flesh is for testing us
Battling flesh is battling sin
Gensis 3:15 exposes Satan
What Satan is up to
The Hour of Temptation
Satan's attempt to overthrow
No tickee, no laundry
Good and evil
Taking out the trash
A platform without God

God's Love

The power of love
You require substance
Believers receive God's blessings
God asks us do we love one another
Christ did it for you
If you love Him
God is your best friend
His sacrifice
Your best friend
Recognizing love
Recognizing love II
An out that frees us from sin
Seeing what christ did for you
Follow me
Born again

Metaphors and Parables

The fruit you bear
God's word draws us to Him
The straight and narrow
Fishers of men
Parables tell God's Secrets
Christ is the sower
Another parable
Parables have a purpose
The Parable of the Tares
A sharp two-edged sword
The Wedding Supper Parable
Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

Repentance and Salvation

God, Prayer, and Forgiveness
What is salvation
Repentance has purpose
Repentance takes away our sin
Finding salvation
Remorse and Forgiveness
Recognizing salvation
Once saved always saved
Returning to God
Understanding forgiveness
Forgiveness is available to you

Understanding God

Is scripture clear or complicated
A relationship defined by His image
Understanding discipline
What does God expect from us
Building a relationship with God
Understanding line by line
Understanding God's Temple
What is serving God
You are scattered
Truth makes you free
Eating right requires wisdom
Your two bodies
Understanding God
Making a choice
And He did eat
The first gift of Christmas
Genesis 3:15
Genesis 3:15 continued
Receiving the truth
Recognizing the truth
Understanding God's Elect
God's Elect and you
Nourishing your spiritual body
The Book of Job has a message
Was it 6000years ago that the earth began?
God supports what we do
Wisdom comes from understanding
Spirit and soul
What is the Trinity
What receiving Christ does
Things You Do Affect the Lives of Others
Understanding what we read

Your Bible Says

Both Old and New Testements include Christ
Understanding your soul
Wisdom is understanding His Word
Sharing my favorite Bible verses
You're here to be tested
Understanding Easter
Faith or works
Prophecy is fulfilled
Cain is not Adam's bloodline
Serving god is following christ
Born again to be tested
An apple with two bloodlines
Honoring God's food laws
Sabbathing the Sabbath
God's will
Going to Church
Israeli or Gentile
Created equal
Your works make you accountable
Cain's Kenite boodline
Evolution or Creation?
God's view on homosexuality
Earning your rewards
Yes Jesus is a Prophet too
Scattered by God
Works are rewarded
Another look at Cain's bloodline

God, Politics, and the Economy

Hiring a guide this Christmas
2009 Strategy for Financial Security
Lassoing this recession
Returning our nation to God
A vote to revive Christianity
A vote for truth
Voting Christian values
What is a progressive?
Voting America back on course
Mixing politics and religion
Now is the time to pray
Time to turn America around
Religion's role in politics
One nation not under God
Christmas shopping
Knowing God better in 2013